Degrees and Certificate Programs

Southern Israelite Certified

Mastering the claim that Christianity is Neoplatonism

Mountain View
  • The Noahic Root of Pagan Idolatry by The Southern Israelite
  • Ancient Cosmogony by The Southern Israelite

  • Ancient Philosophy by Gordon Clark

  • Selections in Hellenistic Philosophy by Gordon Clark

  • The Great Chain of Being by Arthur Lovejoy

  • Pseudo Dionysius by Paul Rorem

  • Early Christian Doctrines by JND Kelly

  • Seven Ecumenical Councils by Leo Donald Davis

  • Vision of God by Vladimir Lossky

  • St. Cyril of Alexandria The Christological Controversy by J. A. McGuckin

  • 130 Reasons to Reject Traditional Christianity for Messianic Judaism, The Theology of the Seven Ecumenical Councils and the Eastern and Roman Churches Refuted by The Southern Israelite

  • Conquering the Verbal Sorcery of Trinitarianism by The Southern Israelite